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Ik houd van mijn familie en mijn vrienden, van mensen in het algemeen, van wiskunde en van human­istiek, van management- en organ­isati­eontw­ikkel­ing, van dialoog en verbindend leide­rschap, van lerende organisaties en waarderend onderzoeken, van heelheid en van continue verni­euwing. Mijn missie is human­isering van organ­isatie.

Appreciative Inquiry #028: It’s your mind that creates this world

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] How we furnished our world. How we built our societies. How we formed our nations How we designed and ran organizations. How we lived our lives. How we used resources and made things. How we behaved towards each other.   All we have created so far, was created in our [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #027: How to do things with words?

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] Once upon a time long ago, Confucius was asked by his pupils what he would do if he was chosen to be leader of the country. The wise man thought for a while and answered: “I would use language carefully.” The pupils looked very confused. Confucius explained: “When leaders don’t [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #026: Social Enterprising is Priceless

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] Please let me give you just one example of a social enterprise I’m part of. To give you an idea. ‘Huisacademies’ is dutch for ‘in-house academies’. In short: the in-house academy represents the upgrade of the training department in an organization to become partner in sustainable human resources and organizational [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #025: Society 3.0

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] It’s time to introduce the 3.0 kind. Basic ingredient: asynchronous reciprocity. Huh? In 2008, when my book Kracht zonder Macht was to be presented to the public, my publisher Paul Quist, expecting about 100 people (family and friends) suggested a meeting room in a place called Seats2Meet (which I had [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #024: Five AI starting points

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] Why does Appreciative Inquiry have underlying starting points? After all, AI has been derived from practical research. So, if the ‘method’ would rest on certain foundations, these might have been added afterwards… Perhaps academics may find this problematic. But I guess this is not a problem for social constructionists who [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #023: Are you a non-dog?

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] When explaining social construction as an introduction to an Appreciative Inquiry experience, I often use the following ‘sentence’ by turning over five flip charts, saying: CO-OPERATE I'D RATHER STOP WITH IT RIGHT NOW THOSE ENDLESS DISCUSSIONS I WANT TO GET RID OF IT   People in many organizations recognize this. [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #022: I am my father

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] At some point in his lecture on Social Constructionism, professor Alexander Maas becomes quiet and says: “I am my father. If I look at my hands and his, playing the piano: totally the same.” And: “I am my mother.” He gives examples of their resemblance. There’s also something of his [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #021: What is this, a bottle?

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] I recall a teaching by Ken Gergen at the University of Humanistics. Personally I find his writings quite difficult. But you should hear him speak – or is it thinking loud? You can easily find him on YouTube. At some point in his lecture, Ken looks at the plastic water [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #020: Basic Lecture

[from book part 4 - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM] Sometimes, professor Alexander Maas sends out his students to go to the supermarket, they are instructed to place a liter of milk in their shopping basket and try to negotiate a lower price at the cash counter. Can you imagine this? Here’s another experiment: at home, behave as if your [...]

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Appreciative Inquiry #019: Familiar Sources

[from book part 3 - SOURCES BEHIND APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY] How about cause and effect? About following order? Within Appreciative Inquiry projects, it has been proven that change and improvement already take place from the moment the first generative question is pronounced. If you are reading this book sequentially, you have been presented with my AI sources in [...]

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