[from book part 7 – APPRECIATE YOUR SELF]

It’s a typical, valuable AI motto: “Everything that you give attention to, will grow.” If you focus on a problem, the problem gets bigger. If you focus on what’s going well already, this good behaviour will grow. It’s sort of an underlying rule of Appreciative Inquiry.

So I was pretty curious when I was asked by a master student to be interviewed for his research called “Can Appreciative Inquiry become a Hype in The Netherlands?” Besides the nice conversations we had, I was glad to be able to introduce him to a few organizations with some AI experience.

The Netherlands seems to be famous for their ‘consulting culture’. The good thing is that new methods are adopted fast, and can be experimented on an appropriate scale. Maybe we are somewhat too enthusiastic, for example when the leaders of organizations jump too fast into a new method: “Last year we did Spiral Dynamics, now we are into Lean, and next year we will implement Appreciative Inquiry.” I’m exaggerating, or aren’t I?

So, how about Appreciative Inquiry and possible hyping? AI is said to be a generative approach, so it has the potential to spread itself. Could that be called a hype? Was the master student really focussing on hype, with the risk of causing a hype, by his master thesis? Or was he merely focussing on the application of AI in Dutch organizations, causing them to re-focus or to re-member? After having read the final thesis, I am happy to conclude that the student himself – who already was interested in AI, had grown his knowledge of AI. He also had brought AI into the university discourse, which can be considered a valuable intervention.

Rethinking the process, I guess that AI is not something that follows the lines of the ordinary hype, which nowadays has to do with a lot of marketing. AI performs its own marketing, and is very coherent in that perspective. Attention causes growth, especially with respect to Appreciative Inquiry! Let it become a hype, so we can redesign the principle of a hype…

What is it that you would like to give your full attention to?
How would you like to ‘master’ Appreciative Inquiry?


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