[from book part 7 – APPRECIATE YOUR SELF]

Twenty years ago, my wife and I sat in the audience of an opera recital, organized by the company I was working for at that time. It occurred to me that the opera singer had some funny gestures and they never left my memory. Although I’ve long forgotten what she sang, or how beautiful her voice was, I can still recollect her gestures.

Twenty years later I’m getting an idea of what she was doing, consciously or unconsciously. It had to do with preparation before starting to sing. When it was not her turn, she would stand on the podium, not being very present. And then at some point when the music invited her to sing, she straightened her body, produced a big smile and raised her eyebrows. This all happened more or less in one movement, along with her filling her chest with air.

My interpretation of her movements – and I know this is pure speculation – is that she had trained herself to unleash a state of pure appreciation, enabling the best of her sounds and words, just by stretching some specific body parts for this specific performance.


Can you imagine this kind of preparation? Do you see the high eyebrows and the big smile, just before she starts to sing?

How do you prepare for a ‘performance’, for example a good conversation? What parts of your body and mind can bring you into a ‘ground state’ for optimal performance?

Or maybe, putting a big smile upon your face will already do the job? 😊


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