How about cause and effect? About following order?

Within Appreciative Inquiry projects, it has been proven that change and improvement already take place from the moment the first generative question is pronounced.

If you are reading this book sequentially, you have been presented with my AI sources in the chapters before. They were not only my AI sources. The insights of Connectedness and being Present helped me to become self employed at a point in my career where this was my only true option. Ten years wiser now, I understand the principles of being Independent (the main reason for my career change) and being Connected at the same time; connected with co-workers, partners in social enterprises, co-writers, customers, friends; besides my own family it feels like family… and still on my own. On my own? Not in the least: fully supported by my lovely wife and our six beautiful kids. Please, let me share my gratefulness to you all. You are the ones to complete my list of sources; sources of energy. Thank you!

Consider yourself an inspiring source. (By reading this book you actually are performing this role for me already, thank you for that.)  Yes, you are! What is the inspiration you would like to transfer?


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