[from book part 2 When the beginning starts to begin]

Hold on. Time out. Take five.


How did you come to reading this book? What is the connection to what you want to know or learn?

Who is the one to thank for the suggestion to buy this copy, or for giving it to you as a present?

What appealed to you in this book so far?

Is this page – by any chance – the first you are reading? What are your expectations until now, not exactly knowing what comes next?

What do you need, what does this book need, to sustain your attention?

Would you like this book to do something to you? Would you like to do something with this book?

How would you envision the relationship between you and this book?


Please take your own pace. Consider your own learning style. Read this book as it appears to you. From the beginning to the end. Or complete randomly. It’s okay if it’s okay to you.


No obligations.

Pure invitations.


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